Musical numbers

This is a list of the musical numbers.  It's a bit difficult to imagine how they sound without a recording, or without the libretto in your hand, but for G&S fans, I hope it gives you some idea of the variety and demands of the piece.

Act 1 

1.1 Through all the employments of life: Ruddigore – Oh, why am I moody and sad?  

1.2 As sometimes it may happen:  Mikado – I’ve got a little list  

1.3 On the day that I was wedded – 1:  Gondoliers – Duchess’ Song  

1.4 Mrs Peachum's exit music:  Gondoliers – Duchess’ Song  

1.5 Virgins are like the fair flow’r:  Mikado – Braid the raven hair  

1.6 Our Polly is a sad slut!:  Gondoliers – Duchess’ Song (reprise)

1.7 Can love be tempered by advice?:  Mikado – the sun whose rays  

1.8 Oh, Polly, you might have toyed:  Mikado – Tit Willow  

1.9 The prisoner comes:  Yeomen – Funeral March 

1.10 Were I laid on Greenland’s coast:  Mikado – I am so proud  

1.11 Now go, and leave me here:  Mikado – alone and yet alive – refrain 

1.12 The miser thus a shilling sees:  Pirates – oh, is there not one maiden’s breast  

1.13 Fill every glass, for wine inspires us:  Pirates - a rollicking band of pirates we 

1.14 Let us take the open road:  Pinafore – we sail the ocean blue 

1.15 Youth’s the season made for joy:  Gondoliers – I am a courtier grave and serious  

1.16 Away, away:  Pirates – Away, away

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Act 2 

2.17 Entr'acte

2.18 If you give me your attention:  Princess Ida – King Gama’s song

2.19 When you censure the age Iolanthe – Nightmare song

2.20 Why, how now madam Flirt?:  Mikado - Flowers that bloom in the spring

2.21 No power on earth can e’er divide:  Pirates – Hail poetry

2.22 He’s telling a terrible story:  Pirates – Finale Act 1

2.23 Interlude:  Pirates –  ‘telling a terrible story’

2.24 My love is all madness and folly/sorry her lot:  Sorcerer – my name is John Wellington Wells/ Pinafore – Sorry her lot

2.25 The flaws of our society:  Pinafore – when I was a lad

2.26 In the days of my youth:  Yeomen – when a wooer goes a-wooing

2.27 Cruel, cruel, cruel case!:  Yeomen – strange adventure

2.28 Since laws were made for all degrees Pinafore - My friends, my leave of life 

2.29 Ah, leave me not to pine alone:  Pirates - Ah, leave me not to pine alone 

2.30 Let me be hanged:  Pirates - We triumph now

2.31 I, like the Turk, his doxies around:  Mikado – With joyous shout

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